THINK Big 2-Minute Blog: 3 Essential Management Tips

Management skills are essential to building the constant credibility that will help you grow your people. It’s about empowering your team and bringing the best out of them. Here are three essential management tips every manager should focus on daily:

  1. Know the drivers of every single person you manage. What gets them up in the morning? Why do they do what they do? It’s rarely as simple as working for a paycheck. When you understand what motivates them, you can talk to them one-on-one using words that connect and are specifically meaningful. It’s an absolute game changer.
  2. Always work on being an effective communicator. Use empathy, accountability and forgiveness to get your message across. Practice what you preach by doing what you say you will do and by always showing up for meetings and appointments on time. You are the pace horse that sets the standard and shows respect for your people’s time and talent.
  3. Be accessible and approachable. Don’t say you have an open-door policy and then spend your day in closed-door meetings or on the phone. It is critical to connect with your team on a daily basis, so figure out a schedule that makes that happen. You want your people glued to you and you to them. Let them know you understand them as human beings, that you have their backs and best interests in mind, and that you are always there to support them and get them to the next step.

Remember, people don’t leave businesses — they leave managers. Think big by constantly honing your management skills!



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