Learning to be Effective while Working Remotely

One truism I believe: life isn’t about what’s happened to you, but rather, how you respond to it. Right now, we have the opportunity to respond, and respond in a BIG way!

For some, the idea of a remote work schedule may be a welcomed opportunity, others are pulling their hair out with new distractions and disruptions to their daily work schedules.

Here are seven quick strategies to implement for building a consistent routine at home:

Plan your next day every night before you go to bed.

Take a moment to set yourself up for success even before the day begins. This includes laying out your work and workout clothes AND making your to-do list for the next day.

Wake up at the same time each morning.

If youre going to be as productive as possible, you need to keep to a routine. Even if you’re sleeping in a bit longer than normal, keep the same basic routine starting with the time you wake up.

Take 30 minutes every day to workout, meditate and/or journal.

If you are looking for a home workout:: BeachBody is offering 2 weeks for free or a simple YouTube search can help and Peloton is offering 90 free days for their app

If you are looking to quiet your mind with some meditations: I have recently added meditations on my website with a meditation specialist or you may enjoy Calm.

If you are looking to get your mind organized, you may enjoy Journaling: Day One App

Set up your office at home so it has everything you need to be productive.

Clean your desk at the end of each day so you can start the next day with a fresh start. You’d be amazed at how fast the clutter grows when you’re working from home!

Enjoy time with your family.

Time block to be with your family while they are home. It’s a great time for board games, meals and family talks!

Set time to reach out to your mentor(s) and accountability partner(s).

The easiest way to stay on track with your goals, clear your mind and stay positive is to have regular interaction with someone who can keep you accountable.

Become comfortable with the distractions.

Resign to yourself to the fact that video calls will have distractions in the background; everyone understands hearing your dog barking and family in the background.

Even though this time is unsettling for many reasons, take a moment to enjoy this new normal. You may miss it when it’s back to business as usual.

I’m always here if you have any questions, want to discuss how to grow your business with the above ideas, or need help to build habits with consistency!

I help successful business people get unstuck and grow their business as a business coach, speaker, podcaster and author of my book, The Think Big Movement.